The strips are produced exclusively in pine of European origin with a particular type of joint: on the front part (supporting side of the canvas) they join together at an angle of 45 °, thus ensuring the right tension in the event of expansion; on the back, instead, the battens fit in a 90 ° angle, guaranteeing perfect teaming.
Linen Canvas: the linen is considered the best of the canvases both for its thick weave and for its resistance to changes in atmosphere. In addition, the dense weave gives it a high resistance to traction and is therefore very suitable in large works that require frequent assembly.
Cotton cloth: like linen, it has a very thick weave as its characteristic, but, unlike this, it is very sensitive to climatic variations and humidity and, despite its advantage in economic terms, it is very sensitive to traction.
Mixed Cotton Canvas: it is a canvas made of fibers of cotton mixed with synthetic fibers. However, the nylon present in the weave often results in unwanted reflections of light. It is very susceptible to traction and once deformed it hardly returns tense.



We turn to companies that want to set up high-representation environments or who want to use art as a communication tool. companies that want to find in art a fascinating mirror of the cultural and social values ​​of which they are depositaries. In a dialogue that enhances the architecture of their interior spaces.

What it means for customers  How it is positioned relative to the competition Without losing sight of the budget.  Even with a small unit investment, it is possible to create a refined and culturally valid collection.

Our experience allows us to offer collections designed just for your needs and concepts. we will make a refined journey creating for you a collection of art of great originality.



Gallery workshop address:

8 Antonijas street, Riga LV1010, Latvia




I’m Luca Paterno, founder of Fondamenta Nuove workshop studio.
As long as I can remember, I’ve had a deep love for art and a passion to work in the entertainment industry. I’ve gained valuable experience by working on some great projects throughout my career. I’m motivated, reliable, and detail oriented, and enjoy working closely with other creative professionals to craft compelling stories.


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