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I am consultant for contemporary art in communication and promotion for cultural projects and events.

I work for those ...

For pleasure or for investment, for cultural enrichment or to make a prestigious environment, those who love the quality of life through the emotion of intellectual involvement, we offer our passion, to realize every aesthetic desire, which is in the rarity of a single artwork or in the noble art of building an entire collection.


Sono consulente per l’arte contemporanea in comunicazione e promozione per progetti ed eventi culturali.

lavoro per chi...

Per piacere o per investimento, per arricchimento culturale o per rendere un ambiente prestigioso, per coloro che amano la qualità della vita attraverso l’emozione del coinvolgimento intellettuale, offriamo la nostra passione, per aiutare a realizzare ogni desiderio estetico, che sia nella rarità di una singola opera oppure nella nobile arte del costruire un’intera collezione




We turn to companies that want to set up high-representation environments or who want to use art as a communication tool. companies that want to find in art a fascinating mirror of the cultural and social values ​​of which they are depositaries. In a dialogue that enhances the architecture of their interior spaces.

What it means for customers  How it is positioned relative to the competition Without losing sight of the budget.  Even with a small unit investment, it is possible to create a refined and culturally valid collection.

Our experience allows us to offer collections designed just for your needs and concepts. we will make a refined journey creating for you a collection of art of great originality.



Office address:

8 Antonijas street, Riga LV1010, Latvia


Workshop address:

Carrer del Comerç 15, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

​whatsapp +34608688293



I’m Luca Paterno, founder of Fondamenta Nuove workshop studio.
As long as I can remember, I’ve had a deep love for art and a passion to work in the entertainment industry. I’ve gained valuable experience by working on some great projects throughout my career. I’m motivated, reliable, and detail oriented, and enjoy working closely with other creative professionals to craft compelling stories.